Meaning of pea green in English:

pea green

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mass noun
  • A bright green colour like that of a pea.

    ‘The food dye makes them look uncomfortably bold and brash with their poor flowers and leaves coloured pea green and orange, bright red and even blue.’
    • ‘Typically, the harshly exaggerated modeling of the flesh bears a complementary coloristic relationship to the ground, which in the case of 1863 is somewhere between pea green and olive drab.’
    • ‘In a work from 2002, an array of small dots includes pale turquoise, pea green, powdery indigo and several shades of delicate gray.’
    • ‘Japanese maples can have wonderfully colored bark, in hues ranging from pea green to orange and pink.’
    • ‘The colors are mostly solid and bright (oh, that metallic pea green!) and the black levels are evenly dark without any gray tints.’
    • ‘Although the base of the bed was old and worn (a disgusting dirty pea green - its pattern long-since worn away) the mattress I'd bought with it had been quite new.’
    • ‘Stems maintain red color, but fronds age to pea green.’
    • ‘The walls were the same shade of pea green as the canned soup that dad served us on the nights he liked to refer to as ‘family dinner night’.’
    • ‘The late May sun shone through the windows with golden haze that turned the dark green kitchen to a musky pea green.’
    • ‘Will watched the walls turn from a pea green to an ivory color.’
    • ‘But as long as you try to control yourself and don't foolishly imagine that the divine suit in a less-than-divine shade of pea-green will flatter you, you'll easily steer a safe and fruitful path through the bargains quicksand.’
    • ‘The dry earth is embroidered with strange succulents all in the same shade of pale pea-green.’
    • ‘I spoke a little more quickly that time, as Cherry started getting sick to her stomach and her face started turning a faint shade of pea-green.’
    • ‘This particular apartment had been decorated an ugly pea-green with hardwood floors and red plaid furniture.’
    greenish, viridescent