Meaning of pea soup in English:

pea soup

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mass noun
  • Soup made from peas, especially a thick, yellowish soup made from dried split peas.

    ‘The popular yellow pea soup (shared with Denmark) is another example.’
    • ‘The menu that day was pea soup, meatloaf, salad, and pudding-cake for dessert.’
    • ‘Every Thursday, for example, there was thick pea soup with ham and mustard with fresh, crunchy rye crispbreads followed by pancakes and berries.’
    • ‘And so, after a full day of cross-country flying, I came home to make myself a bowl of pea soup.’
    • ‘When I dived into a bowl of real comfort food during my winter break - a vat of thick pea soup - lurking under the surface were pieces of sausage the size of small tree trunks.’
    • ‘It was colorful, noisy, smelly, and thick as pea soup.’
    • ‘There's a lovely wooded walk along by the lake and this works up an appetite for hearty pea soup with bits of sausage.’
    • ‘You can chose from Cornish crab cakes, fresh pea soup, Colchester oysters or a club sandwich for lunch.’
    • ‘With pea soup and summer pudding currently on offer, it boasts some of the most quintessential summer ingredients.’
    • ‘At corporate luncheons, is it possible for him to be served poutine and French Canadian pea soup?’
    • ‘We began with the Dutch green pea soup for Madame and the scallops on creamed spinach and grilled cheese sauce for Miss Terry.’
    • ‘Split pea soup and ham from a packet has never tasted so good.’
    • ‘The traditional, meatless Shrove Tuesday meal (the day before Lent) centers on pea soup and rye bread or pancakes.’
    • ‘Dinner was split pea soup garnished with the rest of the bacon from the ice chest and instant coffee.’
    • ‘‘Yes sir,’ the ensign gave a curt but sloppy salute before stumbling down the hall, dripping pea soup on the carpet.’
    • ‘A special assembly just before lunch recognizes outstanding costumes, then after a bowl of pea soup, the students begin outdoor activities.’
    • ‘Lunch for the bluejackets was a basic affair, salt pork and pea soup.’
    • ‘Dried peas are probably the most familiar, especially to anyone who's enjoyed French-Canadian pea soup.’
    • ‘Jonathan had the torte, with minted pea soup as a starter.’
    • ‘The man responded by saying that all he needed was a bed and some pea soup.’