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peace camp

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  • An informal encampment set up as a public protest against a military establishment or an aspect of military policy.

    ‘If the left and the peace camp and trade unionists and students and immigrants and refugees and ethnic minorities are locked out, then where does it leave us?’
    • ‘Anti-war activists were due to join a peace camp set up in London's Trafalgar Square in the days leading up to Saturday's demo.’
    • ‘The capitulation of the peace camp flows inexorably from their adherence to Zionism: the fundamental conception of a state based upon religious exclusivity.’
    • ‘A peace camp was also set up in the Peace Gardens behind the town hall.’
    • ‘Several peace marches have already taken place at the site and a peace camp has been set up nearby.’
    • ‘The decision to base cruise missiles in Britain led to the establishment of the Greenham Common peace camp.’
    • ‘I missed any sense of that complexity in the peace camp.’
    • ‘The peace camp was offered new accommodation by the landlady of the Axe and Compass public house in Kempsford.’
    • ‘Whether the UN follows such a route or not, the peace camp should surely begin advocating it.’
    • ‘A peace camp was set up on land belonging to the park authority that governs the moor, but it was moved on a few months ago.’
    • ‘Start with the evidence that the peace camp is refusing to wave the white flag, in Britain and beyond.’
    • ‘With a growing peace camp outside, it was also described as a future Greenham Common.’
    • ‘That honour goes to a man who, in less than a week, has revitalised the Israeli peace camp.’
    • ‘Our first aim will be to reactivate the peace camp, and then to convince the centrists who supported us in the early '90s to support us again.’
    • ‘Perhaps we would have had an easier task had we become openly aligned with some political organization of the peace camp in Israel.’
    • ‘The peace camp is not sponsored by one specific organization, so we are simply offering our personal thoughts.’
    • ‘If all our energy is used to fight eviction or if the media make a circus out of the peace camp, then that's it.’
    • ‘They are not exposed to the ideas of the peace camp.’
    • ‘But what the peace camp desperately needs right now is to prevent another fait accompli like the one that went down in Washington today.’
    demonstration, demo, march, protest march, rally, occupation, sit-in, die-in, sleep-in, human chain, dirty protest, write-in, peace camp