Meaning of peace movement in English:

peace movement


  • A broad movement opposed to preparations for war, especially a movement in Britain and western Europe attempting since the 1950s to bring about a reduction in or elimination of nuclear weapons.

    ‘He encourages the peace movement in Britain to continue the fight against these weapons of mass destruction.’
    • ‘He's been involved with the peace movement and the environmental movement.’
    • ‘The international peace movement needs to bring both to justice.’
    • ‘He is revered as an icon whose contribution to popular culture and the peace movement still resonates today.’
    • ‘His military past has given a new respectability to the peace movement, which used to be accused of being insufficiently patriotic.’
    • ‘He became a symbol for the international peace movement.’
    • ‘The growing peace movement in this country is given very scant coverage by the media who seem incapable of counting beyond 500.’
    • ‘We in the peace movement have been saying this for months.’
    • ‘The strange disappearance of the peace movement exposes the myth that it represented a new moment in British politics.’
    • ‘Between 1968 and 1974, the popularity of the war plummeted, but so did that of the peace movement.’
    • ‘The instructors here were more like members of the peace movement.’
    • ‘For the peace movement the past 14 months has witnessed a mixture of glorious highs and shattering lows.’
    • ‘That is a remarkable reversal of the situation before the war, when the peace movement was riding high.’
    • ‘This is why we in the peace movement know our protests are still relevant.’
    • ‘I had just left university in the early 1980s when I got swept up in the peace movement.’
    • ‘Other members of the peace movement will be canvassing in the constituency while she is behind bars.’
    • ‘The visit was conducted by two school governors who are members of a peace movement.’
    • ‘There were school students and people who had never been on a demonstration before, as well as pensioners and veterans of the peace movement.’
    • ‘It is now urgent for the peace movement to be reawakened.’
    • ‘But what was really amazing about the peace movement was its scope.’