Meaning of peace sign in English:

peace sign

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  • 1A sign of peace made by holding up the hand with palm out-turned and the first two fingers extended in a V-shape.

    ‘They smiled, and many gave me a ‘thumbs-up’ sign or a peace sign.’
    • ‘He extends his first two fingers, creating the peace sign.’
    • ‘He held up two fingers in an incredulous peace sign.’
    • ‘While being led away, he gave the peace sign to family members.’
    • ‘After five or so songs, he flashes a peace sign and walks off the stage.’
    • ‘And so, the next day, we crossed paths and you gave a peace sign and I smiled and pointed in reply.’
    • ‘And he kept holding up his fingers, I thought, in the peace sign.’
    • ‘Perched on her grandma's shoulders, an apple-cheeked 5-year-old flashes a peace sign.’
    • ‘You know the one - the cute little thing sitting on daddy's shoulders, making the peace sign, and wearing a costume bomb belt.’
    • ‘The woman makes the peace sign with her right hand, and while the officer has his arm around her, his pose doesn't convey affection or grace.’
    • ‘Police threatened to break the arms and fingers of any protester who held up a peace sign and none were given any food until 10 a.m. the next day.’
    • ‘She flashed a peace sign as she came on stage.’
    • ‘‘Relax man,’ one of the protesters called, flashing him a peace sign and a lopsided smile.’
    • ‘Up until this point I had virtually ignored the police, just thrown up an occasional peace sign to them every now and then.’
    • ‘As she waved to the crowd, she held up another finger, making the peace sign.’
    • ‘The photo below shows a group of high school students giving the peace sign.’
    • ‘In it he sits to my left, holding a slice of pizza in his mouth with his right hand while using the other to form a peace sign.’
    • ‘People in cars at the intersections honked their horns and many gave the peace sign.’
    • ‘‘Make peace not war,’ Adele added and made her fingers into a peace sign.’
  • 2A figure representing peace, in the form of a circle with one line bisecting it from top to bottom and two shorter lines radiating downward on either side.

    ‘A few Sundays ago a large white van from Tennessee with a flag and peace sign painted on it circled the vigil and then parked.’
    • ‘I want to be like her and paint a big peace sign on the side of a school or something.’
    • ‘It consists of a large wall-hung peace sign made of metal tubing.’
    • ‘In Central Park, the demonstrators formed a human peace sign and faced a stage on the west side of a large open field.’
    • ‘There were peace signs everywhere, a dream catcher on top of her bed and there was all this funky music.’
    • ‘Maybe put something cool off to the side like Hendrix or Marley or a peace sign or something.’
    • ‘She wore jeans with peace signs on them, a sweater with peace signs on it, and peace sign earrings.’
    • ‘The school bus has been renovated with flowers and peace signs painted on the side.’
    • ‘A teacher in another nephew's school is fired for wearing a T-shirt with a peace sign on it.’
    • ‘They argued with me over the logo - they thought the bomb was ‘too violent’ and wanted to paint a peace sign on it.’
    • ‘In Hungary, protesters holding blazing torches formed a human peace sign in Budapest's Heroes' Square.’
    • ‘The red flag is too bloodied by history; the peace sign is a retro fashion accessory.’
    • ‘I drew a little peace sign with my black sharpie.’
    • ‘An ecumenical service was held on the Sunday morning, participants marking their foreheads with the sign of the cross, the peace sign, and the anarchist symbol.’
    • ‘And very much in keeping with the pacifist mood in Germany at the moment, the message was superimposed on a 60s peace sign.’
    • ‘And right above those two words was the peace sign from the anti-nuclear campaign of the early 1960s.’
    • ‘In this case, it was the story of a woman who had aroused the anger of her neighbours by putting a peace sign on her apartment door after the attacks.’
    • ‘She had a tattoo of the peace sign on her upper back, and had gone on a highly enjoyable tour of Europe when she was fourteen.’
    • ‘Here, a ‘group of bicycle enthusiasts’ form a peace sign in a park in Vancouver, B.C.’
    • ‘The three companies had apparently hired youths to illegally spray paint stencils of a peace sign on city streets and sidewalks.’