Meaning of peacenik in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpiːsnɪk/

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informal, often derogatory
  • A member of a pacifist movement.

    • ‘an exchange of issues from the peaceniks to the environmentalists’
    • ‘they arrested anyone who looked like a peacenik’
    • ‘It should be pointed out that for the most part, we're not peaceniks or even pacifists.’
    • ‘Your track record is one of pacifism and peacenik activism.’
    • ‘Both peaceniks and warmongers can offer the bromide of tranquillity, and, for different reasons, both have.’
    • ‘In days gone by, marching against war was generally seen as something that lefties, peaceniks and pinkos did.’
    • ‘But isolation is a disaster for peaceniks, because there is no way peace can happen without the world's help.’
    • ‘It turns out that even Vermont peaceniks didn't sympathize with his views.’
    • ‘Call me an idealistic peacenik, but I don't see the difference: If you don't want to have your soldiers killed, don't send them in the first place.’
    • ‘It was a terrible lie, but it reinforced what the leaders of the peacenik movement had been saying for several years.’
    • ‘I don't mind peaceniks as long as they are consistent peaceniks.’
    • ‘The peaceniks, so vocal in the presence of a conservative government, will always continue to be so.’
    • ‘This was 1971, so these were peaceniks, civil rights activists, and anti-war activists.’
    • ‘It's payback time, and even former peaceniks have gotten in touch with their inner patriot.’
    • ‘After all, the government position is that it's only the peaceniks who are demanding thorough inquiries.’


1960s from peace+ -nik.