Meaning of peacock blue in English:

peacock blue


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mass noun
  • A greenish-blue colour like that of a peacock's neck.

    ‘Blueberry would have a more of reddish/purple undertone and peacock blue has a yellowy/green undertone.’
    • ‘With colours like hazel grey, peacock blue, glacier white, tangerine mist, thunder black and ecstasy purple and a brand name like Fiat it ought to get noticed.’
    • ‘As a permanent fixture, a classic bench in a sophisticated colour, such as putty, peacock blue or cinnamon, would look superb in a sober setting such as a yew, hornbeam or beech enclosure.’
    • ‘We introduce more fashionable colors like purple and peacock blue and we're using a variety of products including satin and velveteen,’ he said.’
    • ‘It reflected the swirling hordes of dancers below, so that the shades of peacock blue and blood red and midnight black danced along the gilded walls.’
    • ‘In glass cases, the robes hang suspended: burnished gold, emerald green, peacock blue, with intricate designs of dragons, suns, oceans, mountains, flowers, birds embroidered in the finest of stitches.’
    • ‘She was wearing a low cut velveteen gown of peacock blue, the sash tied around her small waist glimmering and shining with as many diamonds as she had in her numerous necklaces.’
    • ‘Soon, Margaret's eyes settled on her uncle, dressed in peacock blue, and speaking with a semi-circle of noblemen.’
    • ‘It was peacock blue with a cherry-red sash, and garnets decorating the scooped neckline.’
    • ‘Her mothers eyes were a beautiful peacock blue, and her hair was dark and beautiful like silk cascading down her back.’
    • ‘A jewel glowed softly on her silver chest, a peacock blue the same as the kind of blue of a cloudless Earth sky.’