Meaning of peacock worm in English:

peacock worm


  • A colourful European fan worm of shallow waters.

    Sabella pavonina, class Polychaeta

    ‘Scorpion fish, butterfish, scallops, prawns, peacock worms, cuttlefish and dragonets all go about their business among the many stationary species of aquatic life.’
    • ‘She rests between 5-50m of water, covered in plumose anemones, peacock worms and home to a large number of wrasse and pollack.’
    • ‘At the base of the cliff there are caves giving more shelter for some lobsters and peacock worms.’
    • ‘The interesting holes and caverns beneath them shelter shade-loving creatures such as burrowing anemones and peacock worms.’
    • ‘These peacock worms disappear down their tubes at lightning speed at the slightest disturbance.’