Meaning of pearl millet in English:

pearl millet


  • A tall tropical cereal with long cylindrical ears, cultivated as a food crop in the driest areas of Africa and South Asia.

    Pennisetum glaucum or 'typhoides', family Gramineae

    ‘Glabrous mutant varieties have been identified in many cereal crop species, including rice, wheat, barley, oats, pearl millet, sugarcane, and sorghum.’
    • ‘Though pearl millet, a grain crop native to western Africa, is grown in the United States for forage, there is no established grain market for it.’
    • ‘Considerable efforts have been made to introduce the trait into crops such as maize and pearl millet by traditional breeding involving interspecific hybridization.’
    • ‘Maize and pearl millet are compared, of which the latter is more drought tolerant.’
    • ‘The chapter on pearl millet provides a useful introduction to this crop.’