Meaning of pearl mussel in English:

pearl mussel


  • An elongated freshwater bivalve mollusc which occasionally produces small pearls, found in large rivers of the northern hemisphere.

    Margaritifera margaritifera, family Margaritiferidae

    ‘His PhD thesis looked at the ecology and conservation of the freshwater pearl mussel in Donegal.’
    • ‘The project won the national award for its work in improving the River Licky and helping to preserve a rare fresh water mussel, commonly known as the pearl mussel, which lives in the river.’
    • ‘The River Lickey is a very significant habitat for the shellfish commonly known as the pearl mussel because of the worthless pearls it produces.’
    • ‘Over the three-day event, some 20 specialists gave presentations on a wide range of environmental topics including Dr. Evelyn Moorkens who spoke about the plight of the local Nore pearl mussel which is in imminent danger of extinction.’
    • ‘Referring to the suggestions of a threat to the fresh water pearl mussels in the nearby Lickey river, he said the protection of the river has at all times been a consideration for the county council.’