Meaning of pearl oyster in English:

pearl oyster

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  • A tropical marine bivalve mollusc with a ridged scaly shell, which produces pearls.

    Genus Pinctada, family Pteriidae: several species, in particular P. margaritifera, a major source of commercial pearls

    ‘‘These events may be entering the consciousness of the writer like the foreign particle that enters the shell of pearl oyster that produces beautiful pearls,’ feels Madhavan.’
    • ‘The black pearl oyster of the Tuamotu atoll is about four times larger than the size of the Japanese akoya pearl oyster, which actually produces most of the pearls in the world.’
    • ‘Allowing one pearl per ten pearl oysters, this would mean that 1.2 billion oysters were harvested on that part of the Pearl Coast in just twenty-seven years, or approximately 40 million pearl oysters per year.’
    • ‘It would be a simple question of taking juvenile pearl oysters from deep water to pools closer to shore, where they would be easier to pick up when mature.’