Meaning of pearlescent in English:


Pronunciation /pəːˈlɛsnt/


  • Having a lustre resembling that of mother-of-pearl.

    ‘pearlescent colours’
    • ‘I bought a few unusual oilbars from traditional paint-makers for them to use: an iridescent, pearlescent color, silver, gold and colorless blenders.’
    • ‘Go for glamour by adding texture, such as an overlay of glitter, shimmer or a pearlescent nail polish atop a cream-colored base.’
    • ‘Rose has used pink and blue eye shadow and seems to have worked it onto the wall with her hands, leaving an abstracted blur of pearlescent colour.’
    • ‘The lustrous, pearlescent structure was about waist high and completely unblemished; as smooth as glass.’
    • ‘It looked great - pearlescent oval buttons, smart interface and sleek contours.’
    • ‘The exterior of the car on show also featured roof bars and was finished in pearlescent grey.’
    • ‘For best results, make sure the box isn't letting out any light, and use some sort of a white or pearlescent screen.’
    • ‘Finally, they arrived at the most imposing set of doors yet; built of brilliant white wood they outshone the pearlescent marble surrounds and were inlaid with sparkling gems.’
    • ‘A variety of color application technologies, such as free-film, color-in-plastic and spray-in-mold methods, are well suited to the application of pearlescent pigments.’
    • ‘And we can put pearlescent inks on the outside to give a package an element of depth.’
    • ‘The orange seemed to have a pearlescent glow to it.’
    • ‘They are also beautiful examples of Italian styling, with curvaceous white pearlescent outer legs and shapely polished crowns.’
    • ‘Her naked buttocks flashed pearlescent in the dim light.’
    • ‘Crafted of a smooth cotton blend, it features a pointed collar, white pearlescent buttons, and a straight bottom hem with side vents.’
    • ‘The rain-soaked street shone like silver under the pearlescent full moon.’
    • ‘A buttered roll, en route to my mouth, fell with a dull thump onto the pearlescent china.’
    • ‘Lush strips of pancetta wrap a pearlescent chunk of cod on a crudely appealing bed of pork-rib hash.’
    • ‘Another thing which you could try is applying a very light coat of pearlescent fabric paint.’
    • ‘What was revealed was nothing more than an odd pearlescent orb on a spindly pedestal.’
    • ‘Mortana held up the phial of pearlescent liquid, handing it and the pouch back to Tomi.’
    multicoloured, many-hued, prismatic, rainbow-like, kaleidoscopic, iridescent, lustrous, shimmering, glittering, sparkling, scintillating, variegated, shot, moiré, opaline, milky, pearly, nacreous, pearlescent