Meaning of pease pudding in English:

pease pudding

Pronunciation /ˌpiːz ˈpʊdɪŋ/


mass nounmainly British
  • A dish of split peas boiled with onion and carrot and mashed to a pulp.

    ‘In the town centre we got Saveloy Dips, which were basically sausages, pease pudding and stuffing, in a bun.’
    • ‘They are very good with lentils, pease pudding or polenta, as well as potatoes.’
    • ‘Pork, black pudding, a slice of apple and pease pudding were placed in a tier with a tasty juice artistically dribbled round.’
    • ‘Jenkins appeared with two plates containing slices of chicken, carrots, potatoes, and pease pudding.’
    • ‘For years they were happy selling pease pudding, dripping and pigeon feed to soot-faced coalminers on cobbled street-corners.’