Meaning of Pecksniffian in English:


Pronunciation /pɛkˈsnɪfɪən/


  • Affecting benevolence or high moral principles.

    ‘he adopted a Pecksniffian tone’
    • ‘The high light was Newton Dodge's repeated assertion, in his usual Pecksniffian manner, that his head had not grown any smaller, he had measured it!.’
    • ‘In general, however, this book is free of his usual penchant for Pecksniffian attacks on ‘liberals,’.’
    prim and proper, prim, proper, prudish, priggish, puritanical, moralistic, prissy, mimsy, niminy-piminy, shockable, Victorian, old-maidish, schoolmistressy, schoolmarmish, governessy


Mid 19th century from Mr Pecksniff, the name of a character in Dickens's Martin Chuzzlewit, + -ian.