Meaning of pedal note in English:

pedal note


(also pedal tone)
  • 1The lowest or fundamental note of a harmonic series in some brass and wind instruments.

  • 2

    (also pedal point)
    A note sustained in one part (usually the bass) through successive harmonies, some of which are independent of it.

    ‘Might the sostenuto pedal be employed to play a pedal point so the left hand does not have to sustain it?’
    • ‘Opening in a serene, almost mystical, manner, the work features a chain of sonorities that alternately rise and fall over a long pedal point in A-flat major.’
    • ‘Its beautiful sound tapestry was created by a freely flowing association of textures such as polytonal chord clashes, rapid repeated notes, and pedal points.’
    • ‘He also used sighing suspensions, and unexpected leaps to hold on to bass pedal notes to create chords.’
    • ‘At first, whirling scales and broken arpeggios scamper across the keyboard, hopefully tethered by tonic pedal notes in the bass.’