Meaning of pedestrian crossing in English:

pedestrian crossing


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  • A specified part of a road where pedestrians have right of way to cross.

    North American and Australian term crosswalk

    ‘Longer buses are also far more likely to stop while blocking road junctions or pedestrian crossings, especially in heavy traffic.’
    • ‘Two new pedestrian crossings and changes to road junctions have also been made conditions of the planning permission for the new Bondgate store.’
    • ‘A concerned headteacher has added his voice to calls for a pedestrian crossing at a dangerous road junction.’
    • ‘A pedestrian crossing on the link road would allow people to cross in their own time and in safety.’
    • ‘The car was impaled on the railings of a pedestrian crossing in Tadcaster Road near the roundabout.’
    • ‘The essential repairs will include moving the pedestrian crossing and associated road improvements.’
    • ‘That is one enormous puddle on the road by the pedestrian crossing.’
    • ‘She claims children using the pedestrian crossing over the busy road are at risk from traffic.’
    • ‘Draft plans for cycle paths, pedestrian crossings and traffic lights are out for consultation.’
    • ‘The wheelchair users and carers have been calling for a pedestrian crossing so they can cross the road and get into Tullow safely.’
    • ‘This is a dangerous stretch of road, with the pedestrian crossing located very close to a busy junction.’
    • ‘Can elevated pedestrian crossings make roads safer?’
    • ‘The subways will be replaced by street level pedestrian crossings on Ivy Lane and New Road.’
    • ‘She also said there were no plans for a pedestrian crossing along the road.’
    • ‘It only flashes on pedestrian crossings before it turns green.’
    • ‘These include more cycleways, footways, pedestrian crossings, junction improvements and traffic calming measures.’
    • ‘Plans show that this could be achieved by installing six traffic lights and two pedestrian crossings.’
    • ‘If it is difficult to cross the road in Long Street, why not have a pedestrian crossing?’
    • ‘Even they will stop at red traffic lights and pedestrian crossings.’
    • ‘Residents were asked to suggest areas where there could be road calming measures or new pedestrian crossings.’
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