Meaning of peekaboo in English:


Pronunciation /piːkəˈbuː/

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(also peek-a-boo)
mass noun
  • A game played with a young child, which involves hiding and suddenly reappearing, saying ‘peekaboo’.

    ‘I would stay up late at night watching movies with the 5th graders, chase around the toddlers, and play peekaboo with the infants.’
    • ‘Is there anything better than playing peekaboo with a baby?’
    • ‘Laughing and playing peekaboo on the settee with his mother, Sidney pretends to be shy but then turns on a radiant smile for the camera.’
    • ‘He was a very happy child who was always cooing and I used to make him laugh by playing peek-a-boo with him on the corner of the sofa.’
    • ‘Playing peek-a-boo with toys helps teach infants about object permanence - the understanding that an object has not disappeared permanently just because it isn't visible now.’
    • ‘Toddlers, led by their parents, play peek-a-boo with the stationary tanks from behind their father's legs.’
    • ‘I play peek-a-boo with the person opposite; now you see me, now you don't.’
    • ‘Then Abi came over and played peek-a-boo with him behind the plexiglass bubbles.’
    • ‘The infant guidelines involve a parent or caregiver planning physical activity with a variety of baby games, such as peekaboo and pat-a-cake, and sessions in which the child is held, rocked, and carried to new environments.’
    • ‘‘This little girl is the best kind of inspiration I can possibly have here,’ he said while playing peek-a-boo with his only child, Abigail.’
    • ‘I passed Connie off to her sisters, and we kept her occupied doing various things (playing with the dogs, playing peek-a-boo, etc.).’
    • ‘Your child's doctor might ask if your child is playing peek-a-boo, pulling himself up in the crib, or reaching for a bright object when he's on the floor, for example.’
    • ‘Jesse was playing peek-a-boo through crib bars.’
    • ‘The prospect of playing peek-a-boo didn't excite me.’
    • ‘It begins as a baby when we hide behind our hands and play peek-a-boo.’
    • ‘In his idle hours, he played peek-a-boo with the children and read them books.’
    • ‘Or maybe he just likes the way the book comes, with little holes in it that you can stick your fingers through or play peek-a-boo with.’
    • ‘The little girl was standing on the seat and peering over the top, playing peek-a-boo and pulling silly faces at the two friends.’
    • ‘He stopped playing peekaboo or wanting to walk.’
    • ‘He loves to play peek-a-boo, and he can wave bye-bye and blow kisses to his mom when she goes to work.’


(also peek-a-boo)
  • 1(of a garment) made of transparent fabric or having a pattern of small holes.

    ‘a black lace peekaboo dress’
    • ‘For a casual night out for the society girl-on-the-go, his red mohair plaid strapless dress with peek-a-boo velvet bow and mini pouf hem detailing of pleated lace and tulle sets the right tone for the evening.’
    • ‘He tapped his nose and said, ‘Look after him’ to the grey girl with peek-a-boo underwear.’
    • ‘Fragonard's famously teasy painting of The Swing is re-created with the addition of a tribal peekaboo dress.’
    • ‘The most daring offering includes garments that hug the body and peekaboo necklines that show off the décolletage.’
    • ‘The ruffled hem envelops the legs, and the lace-up peekaboo slit traces the curve of the waist, adding shape to an already sensuous silhouette.’
    • ‘Models showed off the latest collection from her best-selling LK line, including fabulous fishnets and peek-a-boo suspenders.’
    • ‘Then there's the peekaboo, fuchsia dress widely circulated in paparazzi shots in cyberland.’
    • ‘Samuel's lilac suit features a peek-a-boo organza strip that cuts away from the linen it's made from.’
    • ‘‘This hot pink dress has a snug-fitting top, a flowing bottom for easy movement, and a peek-a-boo back for sex appeal.’’
    • ‘Yokes and sleeves are obvious choices for a peek-a-boo look, and for evening or vacation wear, consider a midriff inset in a seductive sheer or demure lace.’
    • ‘During the course of the movie, Love's character slowly becomes less abrasive and cocksure and, as a handy visual aid, her dress sense shifts from sizzling peekaboo to preppy casualwear.’
    • ‘In the very first episode, however, T.J. is shown clearing out as soon as his roommate arrives on the scene wearing those peekaboo pants.’
    1. 1.1(of a hairstyle) concealing one eye with a fringe or wave.
      ‘Many Cancers love peek-a-boo hairstyles that flow and move like a silken drape of hair.’
      • ‘The short peekaboo has softened her look, but you wonder how it was ever perceived as hard in the first place.’


Late 16th century from peek+ boo.