Meaning of peep show in English:

peep show

Pronunciation /ˈpiːp ʃəʊ/

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  • 1A sequence of pictures viewed through a lens or hole set into a box, formerly offered as a public entertainment.

    ‘Queen Mary unearthed a peep show, an ingenious toy which pulled out in concertina fashion to a length of 30 feet, showing the coronation of King George IV in 1821.’
    • ‘They were like a tragic peep show, a fast-forward of innumerable slides to give a glimpse of realms unknown, and frail.’
    • ‘It's a peep show of sorts revealing a building in decay, its infrastructure on life support.’
    • ‘Somewhat akin to a peep show, the audience were watching the bits that weren't supposed to be seen, only heard.’
    • ‘Their profits and their freedom from supervision allowed them to enjoy movies, cheap plays, shooting galleries and peep shows.’
    1. 1.1An erotic or pornographic film viewed from a coin-operated booth.
      ‘As one user commented, ‘it's a bit like a peep show in a sex shop.’’
      • ‘In addition to strip clubs, peep shows, and massage parlors, a large number of prostitutes walked the streets.’
      • ‘The funny thing about this opera house is it's located at the end of a block filled with sex shops and peep shows.’
      • ‘Strip clubs, peep shows and lap dancing all sound pretty unsatisfying.’
      • ‘It is a city of peep shows and cathedrals and everything in between.’