Meaning of peeps in English:


Pronunciation /piːps/

plural noun

  • People (often used to refer to a person's friends or associates)

    • ‘thanks for the feedback, peeps!’
    • ‘she's back home with her peeps in Milwaukee’
    • ‘Luckily, Jenna's peeps were not what I had assumed them to be.’
    • ‘I'd like to hear from Miami, Brazil or West Coast peeps on this.’
    • ‘Hi peeps … this is a new story I posted up.’
    • ‘Marketing peeps across the world are taking notes.’
    • ‘We had so many entries, some peeps are bound to be disappointed.’
    • ‘Heck, I spend 30 minutes at Myspace yesterday customizing my blog and I didn't even send any shout outs to my peeps.’
    • ‘Hey peeps, sorry again for the long delay in this chapter, my most profound apologies go out to you all.’
    • ‘You don't walk out on the streets and see peeps like that.’
    • ‘The whole U.K. hip-hop aspect is an angle, although a lot of peeps hate the tag, 'cause hip-hop is hip-hop, period.’
    • ‘So if the marketing peeps at ASUS expect a round of applause, or even a congenial nod of respect, they are likely to be disappointed.’
    • ‘Hey how you peeps doing!’
    • ‘Distro helps a LOT of us indie peeps get noticed and there is NO downside to that.’
    • ‘Hey peeps, have tried to get this chapter off quickly since I've been lazy with the last lot.’
    • ‘Just spotted this, since you peeps were talking about it thought you might like to know - its Princess Mononoke on DVD.’
    • ‘Well, we have a van but it belongs to the family and I can't drive it, but I can take up to four peeps on my convertible.’
    • ‘Luckily this usually only happens to those who were arrogant anyway - we all know peeps who have no reason to think themselves superior to those around them but do anyway.’
    • ‘A couple of times now I've rewatched it with peeps who said they hated it first time round, but, on second viewing, found they really got into it.’
    • ‘Okay peeps, I'm on Thanksgiving break and all the relatives are here so I don't know it I'll be able to update 2 morrow or the day after that.’
    • ‘I tried to press him for the name, peeps, but he weren't havin' a bar of it.’
    • ‘Sorry peeps but I really like this place - drinks are a bit pricey but I have never had a problem with the service nor with getting in - the doormen are really pleasant.’


Mid 19th century representing a pronunciation of the first syllable of people + the plural ending -s.