Meaning of peer of the realm in English:

peer of the realm


  • A member of the class of peers who has the right to sit in the House of Lords.

    ‘You have a decidedly low opinion of the peers of the realm, my lady.’
    • ‘Even in Britain a distinction was made between the peers of the realm and the gentry.’
    • ‘Yes, I know I can't get away with waking people up at eleven o'clock in the morning just because I'm a peer of the realm.’
    • ‘Mystery surrounds the identity of a security consultant who posed as a peer of the realm throughout his adult life.’
    • ‘But it's not my fault I've been raised in the household of a peer of the realm.’
    aristocrat, lord, lady, peer of the realm, peeress, noble, nobleman, noblewoman, titled man, titled person, titled woman, patrician, member of the aristocracy, member of the nobility, member of the peerage