Meaning of pelletize in English:


(British pelletise)


[with object]
  • Form or shape (a substance) into pellets.

    ‘they can crush the hops and pelletize the powder produced’
    • ‘This means forking in as much compost as you can spare and tossing in some pelletised poultry manure or granular complete fertiliser before you plant.’
    • ‘This bedding comes from indoor fowl-breeding houses where only pelletized food is served, so it is a mulch completely free of weed seeds.’
    • ‘When pelletized and activated under specific conditions, poultry litter becomes a highly porous material with a large surface area.’
    • ‘There's only one thing that will revive the toms, courgettes, rocket, spinach and fennel - pelletised chicken manure.’
    • ‘The pelletizing is done using a commercially available pellet mill at the researchers' facility.’