Meaning of penguin suit in English:

penguin suit


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  • A black dinner jacket worn with a white shirt.

    • ‘He wore strikingly white gloves and a beautifully tailored, midnight black penguin suit.’
    • ‘I can't wait to see you in your penguin suit though!’
    • ‘'Personally, I'd rather do your job than getting stuck in a penguin suit,’ he admitted quietly, grimacing.’
    • ‘He looked gorgeous, especially with the whole penguin suit in tack.’
    • ‘He inwardly cursed himself for sounding like an egotistical butler in a penguin suit.’
    • ‘Well, some of the men actually prefer to break out of the penguin suit mold and dress in their own signature style for performances.’
    • ‘In this enormous art deco construction, only a small portion of which remains open, dapper little men in penguin suits with polished hair, pink shirts and black bow-ties show us to our seats and ply us with yet more Pisco.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, pop still lived in the eighteenth century where men still wore penguin suits and women wore corsets.’
    • ‘Waiters in penguin suits glided here and there, serving little delicacies on silver plates, blending into the sea of formally dressed people quite well.’
    • ‘I heard something about tuxes and assumed they were talking about seeing the four of us guys in penguin suits.’