Meaning of pentameral in English:


Pronunciation /pɛnˈtam(ə)rəl/


  • (of symmetry) fivefold, as typical of many echinoderms.

    Compare with pentamerous

    ‘The echinoderm body plan has pentameral symmetry, a water vascular system and a ring-shaped nervous system.’
    • ‘The most distinctive thing about echinoderm appearance is their pentameral - that is, a five fold - radial symmetry.’
    • ‘The distinctive pentameral symmetry of this specimen has no close similarity to figured articular facets of fossil and recent hyocrinids.’
    • ‘Members of the Early Cambrian classes tend to have rather simple morphology with short stems, poorly developed pentameral symmetry, and numerous plates; in addition, diversity was low with only one or two genera occurring together.’
    • ‘However, holothurians retain pentameral (five-rayed) symmetry, with five rows of tube feet running from the mouth along the body.’