Meaning of pentazocine in English:


Pronunciation /pɛnˈtazə(ʊ)siːn/


mass nounMedicine
  • A synthetic compound that is a potent non-addictive analgesic, often given during childbirth.

    A tricyclic compound; chemical formula: C₁₉H₂₇NO

    ‘Other medications that have caused occasional interaction during the perioperative period include fentanyl, carbamazepine, and pentazocine.’
    • ‘Meperidine or pentazocine are recommended by some physicians.’
    • ‘An expert panel determined, for example, that pain relievers like meperidine and pentazocine carry more risk than benefit for the elderly.’
    • ‘The researchers found that redheaded women were able to tolerate more pain than other people when given an analgesic drug called pentazocine.’
    • ‘All patients were premedicated with pentazocine 30 min before the test.’


1960s from pentane+ azo-+ octa-+ -ine.