Meaning of pentoxide in English:


Pronunciation /pɛnˈtɒksʌɪd/


  • An oxide containing five atoms of oxygen in its molecule or empirical formula.

    ‘Glass-forming substances are usually silica, boric oxide, phosphorous pentoxide, or feldspars.’
    • ‘In one method, naphthalene is oxidized with vanadium pentoxide to give phthalic anhydride.’
    • ‘The thin covering is composed of alternating layers of silicon dioxide and tantalum pentoxide.’
    • ‘The procedure was repeated three times and the filtrate was dried in an oven at 100°C and cooled over phosphorus pentoxide.’
    • ‘It would also involve the re-tubing of two primary wet electrostatic precipitators, the pre-heater exchanger and replacement of 6,000 litres of vanadium pentoxide catalyst in the converter.’