Meaning of penumbral in English:


Pronunciation /pɪˈnʌmbr(ə)l/


See penumbra

‘I think it's important that we recognize the existence of this problematic, penumbral group, but that doesn't mean that there aren't people who do take responsibility.’
  • ‘Rick would howl, and then rapidly half-wade, half-swim down the penumbral corridor and stumble up onto the next sandbank, laughing.’
  • ‘The nearly flat trail was bordered on one side by precipitous slopes, where penumbral snowfields fell into the crater 100 feet below.’
  • ‘I've just discovered that there's also going to be a penumbral eclipse of the moon, too - which may be undetectable to the human eye, but worth looking out for just in case.’
  • ‘It would obviously be impossible to view the exhibits in the penumbral candlelight by which they would originally have been seen.’