Meaning of peonage in English:



See peon

‘The transaction carries overtones of moves to reduce the autonomy of rural African Americans with the debt peonage of sharecropping or exploitation in industrial mills.’
  • ‘Practices specifically outlawed - such as debt peonage, where subjects are trapped in an unending cycle of indebtedness for necessities of life which cannot be overcome through their labor - were in reality widespread.’
  • ‘The masses, having lived in peonage and slavery under their old masters, fell into a similar yet more industrialized status as United States firms moved onto the island in search of cheap labor and tax benefits.’
  • ‘These forms typically include serfdom, indentured labor, debt peonage, convict labor, ‘wage slavery,’ and forms of elite slavery, in addition to plantation slavery.’
  • ‘We are paying for it now in debt peonage to our creditors.’