Meaning of people-eater in English:



  • A person or animal that eats human flesh.

    ‘nurse sharks do look fairly formidable, but they are not people-eaters’
    • ‘His mission was to look at the people of Bolton (or Worktown, as he called it) in the same way that he had studied people-eaters in Malekula.’
    • ‘"Every time a shark disappears it diminishes our life in some way," she says, sitting in an office dominated by the impressive jawbone of a bronze whaler shark (one of the confirmed handful of people-eaters).’
    • ‘The notorious people eater found God before he was killed in prison.’
    • ‘Why a group of scientists, with the massive firepower of the military behind them, doesn't simply destroy the localized population of people eaters and find a way of surviving the disaster in the long term seems peculiar.’
    • ‘When Columbus was told of the existence of people eaters in the Caribbean with an ethnic name variously given as Caribes and Canibales, he seems to have taken it as confirmation that he had indeed reached the Indies.’
    man-eater, people-eater, anthropophagus