Meaning of people meter in English:

people meter


  • (in North America) an electronic device used to record the television viewing habits of a household so that the information obtained can be used to compile ratings.

    ‘All the industry cares to track with a device called people meters is audience viewing patterns for the benefit of advertisers.’
    • ‘Nielsen Media Research has announced it will begin installing local people meters in 600 Boston households in September.’
    • ‘That could change if people meters show higher viewership levels for cable.’
    • ‘At the very least, the preliminary data show that Nielsen is at least getting its people meters into a more representative sample of the Boston television market.’
    • ‘In 1987, Nielsen introduced people meters into its national sample, which consists of 5,000 households across the country.’
    • ‘Eventually, the company would like to see the people meters in the nation's 10 largest metro markets.’
    • ‘With people meters, only the shows you actually watch get counted.’