Meaning of people mover in English:

people mover


  • A means of transport, in particular an automated system for carrying large numbers of people over short distances.

    as modifier ‘a big people-mover escalator’
    • ‘Where does a man who goes from designing ultra-exotic sports cars to middle-of-the-road people movers get his influence?’
    • ‘And don't even get me started on those massive people movers in airports.’
    • ‘Trams or people movers were an option for York, he said, but major studies and consultation would take place before any decision.’
    • ‘But it is in fact very different in that it rides much lower than conventional people movers; a design distinction we will return to later.’
    • ‘By contrast, alternate technologies like people movers, mini metros and monorails require the entire route to be separated either by elevating it, putting it underground or fencing it off.’
    • ‘Short-term parking and curbside check-in would be relocated to a new transportation center, linked by an automated people mover to the terminals.’
    • ‘The completed 30,000-sq-ft station will have a 290-ft center platform and connect to an automated people mover going into the airport.’
    • ‘Insiders say the model range will include a supercharged performance version, a people mover, a van and a roadster.’
    • ‘Once in a while, a gold digger would appear either alone or in company, in some fancy jetmobile, or being transported along the side of the road on a people mover on the way to a personal showing of an opera or museum.’
    • ‘From the outside the changes are obvious with a new grille and refinements, right the way to the back with a new tailgate and back window to give the mini people mover a modern image.’
    • ‘Sales soared and while the cynics predicted that the bubble would burst as we moved on to the next novelty, the people mover, demand has steadily increased.’
    • ‘It is a people mover and it does that efficiently, using its space economically.’
    • ‘We parked the people mover, climbed out and set off through the strip of pine trees that ran parallel to the dunes.’
    • ‘Even so, the gimmicks enabled an everyday people mover to turn more heads than some of the sports cars at the show.’
    • ‘Among items in the works are a new control tower, a people mover and facility for rental cars.’
    • ‘The people mover has been a great success and locally produced cars are being exported all over the world.’
    • ‘There was basically an unmet need out there for something that offered the handling and style of a car with the versatility a 4WD or people mover.’
    • ‘The company offers a growing range of sedans and hatchbacks, four-wheel-drives and the top-selling people mover as well as light commercials.’