Meaning of people smuggler in English:

people smuggler


mainly British
  • A person who is engaged in the illegal transportation of people from one country to another.

    ‘the country's geographical location and long coastline make it particularly vulnerable to people smugglers’
    • ‘A Home Affairs Minister said the government would pay up to $200,000 for information that led to the arrest of people smugglers.’
    • ‘To send him to Europe, Adem's family sold its home and paid people smugglers $7,000, he said.’
    • ‘Another people smuggler has been arrested by police in the most concerted effort in years to catch those who transport refugees by boat to Australia.’
    • ‘He arrived in France in 2006, after his father, a farm labourer in Punjab, put him on a plane with a people smuggler and a fake passport.’
    • ‘Many of those coming here by boat do so at the hands of people smugglers, a trade steeped in exploitation.’