Meaning of peperomia in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpɛpəˈrəʊmɪə/


  • A small fleshy-leaved tropical plant of the pepper family. Many are grown as houseplants, chiefly for their decorative foliage.

    Genus Peperomia, family Piperaceae

    ‘Some of my favorite windowsill plants include many varieties of trailing ivy, African violets, primroses, pansies and violets, geraniums, gloxinias, cyclamens, coleus, kalonchoes, peperomias, and heartleaf philodendrons.’
    • ‘Currently, there are over 100 species of Peperomia cultivated in the United States, although many are in the hands of collectors.’
    • ‘There are many species of peperomia but all are grown for their decorative leaves.’


Modern Latin, from Greek peperi.