Meaning of per mille in English:

per mille


(also per mil)
  • By a specified amount in every thousand.

    ‘foreign holidays account for 30 per mille of the cost of living’
    • ‘Discrepancies of several per mil appear to be possible.’
    • ‘All data are reported as per mil deviation from the V-PDB international standard.’
    • ‘The river water is saline below 0.7 per mille, while the water in the Aral Sea was brackish with salinity at approximately 9 per mille.’
    • ‘The delta 13 C values averaged 11.0 per mil and the delta 15 N values averaged 7.5 per mil.’
    • ‘There we go, you see, we have a grid there, which gives you your count in millions per mil.’


per mille

/pəː ˈmɪleɪ/ /ˈmɪli/


Late 17th century Latin.