Meaning of perambulate in English:


Pronunciation /pəˈrambjʊleɪt/

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[no object]
  • 1 formal, humorous Walk or travel through or round a place or area, especially for pleasure and in a leisurely way.

    ‘the locals perambulate up and down the thoroughfare’
    • ‘she perambulated the square’
    • ‘Over the weekend I had a chance to perambulate properly in cyberspace.’
    • ‘The added handicap is that runners have to dodge the horse dung as they perambulate down the track.’
    • ‘Unspoken but understood was that we wanted a community small enough to perambulate but that also had DSL.’
    • ‘Well, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but I will be briskly perambulating.’
    • ‘The narrow opening supported a child's body and encouraged children to perambulate by keeping them from sitting down or crawling.’
    wander, roam, rove, range, travel, travel idly, journey, voyage, globetrot, drift, coast, meander, gad about, gallivant, jaunt, take a trip, go on a trip
    1. 1.1British historical with object Walk round (a parish, forest, etc.) in order to officially assert and record its boundaries.
      • ‘commissioners were appointed to perambulate the Devon forests before Whitsun 1319’


Late Middle English from Latin perambulat- ‘walked about’, from the verb perambulare, from per- ‘all over’ + ambulare ‘to walk’.