Meaning of perchance in English:


Pronunciation /pəˈtʃɑːns/

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archaic, literary
  • By some chance; perhaps.

    ‘we dare not go ashore lest perchance we should fall into some snare’
    • ‘I must put away this lovely diary posthaste, lest someone perchance read it and learn of my secret identity!’
    • ‘Anyway, I wish you a great life Scarlet and perchance we shall meet again.’
    • ‘Or maybe, perchance, every human born unto this world is in possession of a soul.’
    • ‘Could it perchance be that we aren't producing the right stuff, because we don't have enough of a rugby culture, because an embarrassingly small number of new recruits has been attracted by successive ‘strategies’ laid out by the blazers?’
    • ‘Through the years the myth has arisen that New Yorkers are the most sophisticated of sports fans, ready to cheer what they consider a great performance even if, perchance, it is recorded by someone who plays for a team in another city.’
    by chance, by any chance, by some chance, as it may be, as it may happen, as things may turn out
    maybe, perhaps, possibly, for all one knows, it could be, it could be that, it is possible, it is possible that, conceivably
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Middle English from Old French par cheance ‘by chance’.