Meaning of perfectionist in English:


Pronunciation /pəˈfɛkʃənɪst/

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  • A person who refuses to accept any standard short of perfection.

    ‘he was a perfectionist who worked slowly’
    • ‘Self-acceptance, an acceptance of one's imperfections and weaknesses, is very difficult for perfectionists.’
    • ‘In contrast, adaptive perfectionists strive only to reach their own goals, not the goals set for them by other people.’
    • ‘Professionally, she is a perfectionist who demands high standards from her work.’
    • ‘With the help of his friends, he turns to a corporate workaholic perfectionist lawyer.’
    • ‘It took me all of two minutes to get working, plus an hour of perfectionist fiddling to get this pretty map.’
    purist, stickler for perfection, idealist, pedant, precisionist, formalist
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  • Refusing to accept any standard short of perfection.

    ‘With the help of his friends, he turns to Rita Harrison, a corporate workaholic perfectionist lawyer.’
    • ‘Nothing much changes here thankfully - the perfectionist standards remain.’
    • ‘They believe the world is filled with incompetents, with only a few folks who approach their own perfectionist standards.’
    • ‘Every object he touched had to live up to his perfectionist standard.’
    • ‘Offers of new material aren't met due to the Yen's perfectionist outlook.’
    • ‘What they disagree on is where perfectionist ideals should be invoked.’
    • ‘Procrastination often comes from unrealistic perfectionist tendencies, self-doubt, or fear of change.’
    • ‘Don't allow perfectionist standards to interfere with progress on your dissertation.’
    • ‘The perfectionist chef, Luca, made the soup colourful.’
    • ‘None of that was enough for the perfectionist genius.’
    • ‘In this respect, blogging has revealed a perfectionist streak in me which I didn't know I had.’
    • ‘She realised that her perfectionist approach to her work had caused a lot of tension in her muscles.’
    • ‘Never once do we believe that these are professional, perfectionist killers.’
    • ‘As the only child of a perfectionist mother, I have been presented with some unusual challenges.’
    • ‘Back when I was perfectionist youngster I would have taken each missed shot as a personal affront.’
    • ‘As a perfectionist student, I hated being made an example of every time I couldn't complete warm-up exercises in PE class.’
    • ‘The problem starts with my perfectionist streak.’
    • ‘Her perfectionist approach makes reading reviews difficult.’
    • ‘Has this famed perfectionist workaholic chef found a new obsession?’
    • ‘A perfectionist graphic designer kept turning his work in late, not appreciating that his timeliness was every bit as important as the quality of his work product.’