Meaning of perilously in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpɛrɪləsli/

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  • In a way that is full of danger or risk.

    ‘houses perched perilously on craggy outposts’
    • ‘many came perilously close to starvation’
    • ‘The first movement begins sotto voce, with the cello's fragile harmonics, perilously high on the A string.’
    • ‘His love affair with the 'perilously bewitching' actress began in 1912.’
    • ‘Issue 16 has Promethea perilously sink to the bottom of a literal ocean of emotion.’
    • ‘He is perilously adrift from the way others are starting to perceive him.’
    • ‘Vienna's aesthetic sense seems in perilously low supply these days.’
    • ‘On some occasions, he came perilously close to this extremity, shunning his female groupies in truly humiliating ways.’
    • ‘A full-scale paper bookcase leaned perilously away from the gallery's far wall, mirrored on panels of Plexiglas that rested on the floor.’
    • ‘For a long second she hovers, perilously.’
    • ‘Hip hop is perilously low on fresh subject matter.’
    • ‘Small, three-dimensional figures are poised perilously at the end of long, frail wires.’