Meaning of periodic detention in English:

periodic detention


mass nounAustralian, New Zealand
  • A non-custodial sentence requiring offenders to do supervised community work for a certain number of hours per week.

    ‘they received the usual correctional sanctions, either imprisonment or periodic detention’
    • ‘He was serving the first weekend of a nine-month periodic detention sentence.’
    • ‘Probation Service is also lending a hand, with work parties on periodic detention involved in clearing the site.’
    • ‘The compliance rate with periodic detention was 75 to 80 percent.’
    • ‘For jobs of this type they get some assistance from workers on Periodic Detention.’
    • ‘He had also committed a similar offence and was serving periodic detention.’
    • ‘This is no different from the punishment system under the previous Government where offenders who breached periodic detention were often sentenced to more periodic detention.’
    • ‘We now have 6,000 people in corrections institutions and about another 20,000 people on probation, in periodic detention, etc.’
    • ‘The completion rates, to date, show that the figures are just as good as those under the old periodic detention system.’
    • ‘The two are serving nine months of periodic detention for painting the words "No war" on the sails of the Sydney Opera House.’
    • ‘It may work if the offenders were in small groups and sufficiently supervised like in periodic detention but still a huge opportunity for vulnerable residents to be taken advantage of.’