Meaning of periodically in English:


Pronunciation /pɪərɪˈɒdɪkli/

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  • 1From time to time; occasionally.

    ‘I will periodically check on your progress’
    • ‘the students received help from a friend only periodically’
    • ‘Periodically for about 40 years now, he has produced a new series of paintings.’
    • ‘This largesse is the latest in a series of rescues for a museum that has periodically been desperate for its next financial fix.’
    • ‘He situates himself in the gender debate early on and periodically throughout the book.’
    • ‘Rumors surface periodically that he's on the way out.’
    • ‘It has blunted sporadic attacks from politicians, but its government funding is periodically threatened.’
    • ‘These periods of reaction can be harsh and tend to last a long time—much longer than the liberal reforms that periodically break out.’
    • ‘Earthquakes strike even in the Midwest, fires periodically scorch the West, and tornadoes repeatedly threaten the Heartland.’
    • ‘Various denominations have periodically arisen intending to form churches ever closer to the original from which they believed current churches had fallen.’
    • ‘Several neighborhoods suffered periodically from horrid smoke and fumes.’
    • ‘The thinner air tricks your body into thinking it is suffocating, and so you wake up periodically gasping desperately for breath.’
    1. 1.1At regularly occurring intervals.
      ‘the newsletter is sent out periodically to update members’
      • ‘the lamps were periodically switched on and off at 30 minute intervals’
      • ‘The filter must be replaced periodically to maintain performance.’
      • ‘We test the product periodically for shelf life at 45 degrees.’
      • ‘The vaccine has to be updated periodically, in a race to keep ahead of ever more virulent strains.’
      • ‘The flush tank periodically releases a large volume of water into the gutter.’
      • ‘Nearly 600 paintings will be displayed on rolling racks that will be periodically rotated.’
      • ‘The plots were tilled periodically to control weeds.’
      • ‘We have to spray periodically for coddling moth.’
      • ‘The plans are set up so that if you put in a specified amount of money, either periodically or in a lump sum, they guarantee to cover the cost.’
      • ‘These machines can be backed up periodically.’
      • ‘We used the debug buffer on the receiver, with a script running periodically to execute a program to extract the channel data from the buffer.’