Significado de periodization en en Inglés


(Britanico periodisation)

Pronunciación /pɪərɪədʌɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/



See periodize

‘As for accepting the words ‘twenty-first’ and ‘century,’ our inner historians should cry out for better periodization.’
  • ‘What is clear is that the various ‘post ‘categories are not very useful in any attempt at periodization.’
  • ‘These were accepted largely without question and we have lived with this periodisation for almost two hundred years.…’
  • ‘The chronological periodisation is defined by different thematic concerns as well as by the presence of different patrons and markets.’
  • ‘Spring, summer, autumn, and winter are nature-made periodizations with which people have long understood changes in their environments and lives.’