Meaning of peripeteia in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpɛrɪpɪˈtʌɪə/

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  • A sudden reversal of fortune or change in circumstances, especially in reference to fictional narrative.

    ‘the peripeteias of the drama’
    • ‘1936 is the peripeteia, the point where the action turned’
    • ‘But the music itself coursed with the language and logic of the underdog peripeteia at the last-second buzzer.’
    • ‘It also stresses the revenger's isolation from the world and the peripeteia of his actions which always lead to his own destruction.’
    • ‘His intelligent cultivation and deferment of expectations through titles has built much of the resonance for this peripeteia by amplifying both the metaphorical and the mutual significance of what we have seen.’


Late 16th century from Greek peripeteia ‘sudden change’, from peri- ‘around’ + the stem of piptein ‘to fall’.