Meaning of perky in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpəːki/

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adjectiveadjective perkier, adjective perkiest

  • 1Cheerful and lively.

    ‘she certainly looked less than her usual perky self’
    • ‘Lee's perky and cheerful voice sounds like music to Danielle's ears and makes her want to weep with relief.’
    • ‘Through all this, she soldiered on, cheerful and perky - at least on the outside.’
    • ‘Now she was perky and cheerfully placing every adorable clothing item she owned into that suitcase.’
    • ‘When I left, she was chipper and perky and seemed in as good of health as ever before.’
    • ‘This guy was so perky and bright that it was starting to annoy her.’
    • ‘Always bright and perky, Robin has shone in all subjects.’
    • ‘Betty, who seems so sunny and perky, practices the lines of a scene for her upcoming audition with Rita.’
    • ‘The pert and perky secretary in the waiting room was unsuccessful in her attempts to keep the man at bay.’
    • ‘Both of them are way too perky and chipper in the morning for their own good.’
    • ‘Kathy grinned at me, her whole face brightening up, once again painfully perky.’
    • ‘Having said that, I'm still feeling pretty perky about my published piece, despite my complaining on other fronts.’
    • ‘We've already seen a perky chickadee on our bird feeder and I met the striped lizard that seems to live in the chimney rocks.’
    • ‘The temperature is about 60 degrees, a strategy to keep the lights cool, and the cast alive and perky.’
    • ‘The new roomie is just a tad too perky for me to handle this morning.’
    • ‘I was relieved, because that was the day Max and I taught our classes and I wanted to be feeling perky.’
    • ‘Because, if you just glance at me, I look as cute and perky and joyful as ever.’
    • ‘I will soon be back to faking a perky voice, answering stupid questions and providing useless information.’
    • ‘She's perky, flighty and frightened to death of her daughter and what she might really think.’
    • ‘She is perky, happy to do publicity and says almost nothing interesting.’
    • ‘One network thinks their salvation may come in the form of a rival's perky morning show host.’
    cheerful, lively, vivacious, animated, bubbly, effervescent, bouncy, bouncing, spirited, high-spirited, in high spirits, cheery, merry, buoyant, ebullient, exuberant, jaunty, frisky, sprightly, spry, bright, sunny, jolly, full of the joys of spring, sparkly, pert
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    1. 1.1Cheeky.
      • ‘don't be perky, miss!’