Meaning of personal life in English:

personal life

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  • Someone's personal relationships, interests, and activities as distinct from their public or professional life.

    ‘there's something serious going on in his personal life’
    • ‘I did not like talking to people about my personal life, especially during a crowded art reception.’
    • ‘Not long afterwards, he loses his wife and finds his personal life in tatters.’
    • ‘Characters become endearing as we gain knowledge of their personal lives.’
    • ‘It's hard to balance a professional and personal life these days.’
    • ‘In the next book, Gail goes through a total crisis in her personal life.’
    • ‘Peter's personal life was shared with his friends, and it too was full as the friends were so numerous.’
    • ‘She spent a few years straightening out her personal life.’
    • ‘Matt's personal life falls apart after his tragedy.’
    • ‘Fans will also get a glimpse into Brian's personal life, seeing footage of his children and wife.’
    • ‘She also goes to great lengths to accommodate her employees' personal lives.’