Meaning of perturbed in English:


Pronunciation /pəˈtəːbd/

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  • Feeling anxiety or concern; unsettled.

    ‘she didn't seem perturbed about the noises around her’
    • ‘I don't get road rage, I just get perturbed.’
    • ‘However, book-sellers on the opposite footpath are not perturbed by the incident.’
    • ‘The teacher is a little perturbed now, her face slightly red.’
    • ‘Julie said she was not at all perturbed about flying on the same plane.’
    • ‘He wasn't the least bit perturbed by the meager audience, nor was he disturbed by the obvious pastoral snub.’
    • ‘He is perturbed to have been the subject of newspaper serialisation.’
    • ‘Deeply perturbed by his absence, some locals suggested they should conduct house to house searches.’
    • ‘Batey was, to say the least, a little perturbed by this.’
    • ‘Some readers may have been perturbed by the figures quoted in that article.’
    • ‘In truth, Lizzy was a little perturbed.’
    • ‘Fifteen years later when I revisited the issue, I was still perturbed.’
    • ‘They seem really perturbed that females are entering this male bastion.’
    • ‘He was particularly perturbed that he had no recollection of even seeing the wine, let alone tasting it.’
    • ‘The head doesn't look particularly perturbed by this.’
    • ‘The rest of us started wandering back to our places on the field, still shocked and perturbed at this turn of events.’
    • ‘The British were not unduly perturbed.’
    • ‘It seemed to me that the project was going quite well, and so I was perturbed that Ed seemed uninterested.’
    • ‘I got a little perturbed.’
    • ‘Why would women ever be perturbed about that?’
    • ‘She blinked and looked somewhat perturbed.’