Meaning of petty-minded in English:



  • Unduly concerned with trivial matters, especially in a spiteful or selfish way.

    ‘petty-minded, cost-cutting tradesmen’
    • ‘Recent public discourse also reveals ill-founded and petty-minded anxieties about the elderly.’
    • ‘If people are penny-pinching or petty-minded this week, naturally you won't hold back on letting them know it.’
    • ‘I have now got to go out and get a job at the age of 51 just because of some petty-minded individual sitting at a desk.’
    • ‘These petty-minded, semi-literate, vengeful people now control a large part of the State's institutions and resources.’
    • ‘I can't believe people can be so petty-minded.’
    • ‘Our city council are a bunch of petty-minded small businessmen, trying to use the city council to cut their rates while boosting the value of their property investments.’
    • ‘If we make enough fuss, maybe companies who pursue such petty-minded bullying tactics will realise that they are in danger of damaging their brands.’
    • ‘Puritanical and petty-minded folk blame him for the alleged moral collapse of British society in the 1960s and since.’
    • ‘There are petty-minded, mean-spirited people in the media who are continuing a miserable crusade against the company.’
    • ‘He struck me as nothing more than a petty-minded bully: a jobsworth, revelling in the small but crucial power he had over the media.’
    intolerant, illiberal, reactionary, conservative, ultra-conservative, conventional, parochial, provincial, insular, small-town, localist, small-minded, petty-minded, petty, close-minded, short-sighted, myopic, blinkered, inward-looking, narrow, hidebound, dyed-in-the-wool, diehard, limited, restricted, inflexible, dogmatic, rigid, entrenched, prejudiced, bigoted, biased, partisan, sectarian, discriminatory