Meaning of petty bourgeois in English:

petty bourgeois


another term for petit bourgeois
‘Arcand's film expresses a mood of those overwhelmed, morally decomposing Quebec petty bourgeois who have groped their way, however reluctantly or hesitantly, toward a new orientation based on power and wealth.’
  • ‘‘Oppressed woman’ does not adequately sum Alma up: she is also a spoiled petty bourgeois with more than a trace of anti-Semitism in her blood, a victimizer as well as a victim.’
  • ‘While the inner-city lumpen layers and the well-heeled, suburban petty bourgeois seem to represent opposite poles in American society, their social existence is similar in certain respects.’
  • ‘Over half a century ago, the founder of the Fourth International, Leon Trotsky, conducted his own struggle against a petty bourgeois, radical opposition inside the Fourth International.’
  • ‘In all fairness, one must add that the peasant is far from being a unique ‘species’; the urban petty bourgeois in all countries is in the same boat, and poses as much headache for the Marxists as the peasant does.’


petty bourgeois

/ˌpɛtɪ ˈbʊəʒwɑː/ /ˌpɛtɪ ˈbɔːʒwɑː/