Meaning of Peyer's patches in English:

Peyer's patches

Pronunciation /ˈpʌɪəz/

plural noun

  • The numerous areas of lymphoid tissue in the wall of the small intestine which are involved in the development of immunity to antigens present there.

    ‘The gut-associated lymphoid tissue includes the appendix and Peyer's patches in the small intestine.’
    • ‘Regional lymph nodes form part of the secondary lymphoid tissue, which includes organized subepithelial aggregations of lymphocytes, such as Peyer's patches in the gut or bronchus associated lymphoid tissue.’
    • ‘Our patient's unusual presentation of intussusception was secondary to the mass effect caused by lymphoid hyperplasia, specifically hypertrophied Peyer's patches in the ileum caused by Y enterocolitica infection.’
    • ‘Germinal centers are dynamic structures that form in secondary lymphoid tissues like the spleen, lymph nodes, and Peyer's patches.’
    • ‘Tuberculous granulomas are initially formed in the mucosa or the Peyer's patches.’


Mid 19th century named after Johann K. Peyer (1653–1712), Swiss anatomist.