Significado de Peziza en en Inglés


Pronunciación /pɛˈziːzə/ /pɪˈziːzə/


  • In early use: any of various fungi with sessile fruiting bodies. Later: a genus of discomycetous fungi of the order Pezizales (cup fungi), now restricted to fungi having cup-shaped sessile or subsessile fruiting bodies without hairs or bristles; (also peziza) a fungus of this genus.

    Valid publication of the genus name: E. M. Fries Systema Mycologicum (1823) II. 20.


Mid 18th century; earliest use found in John Hill (bap. 1714, d. 1775), physician and actor. From post-classical Latin Peziza, alteration of classical Latin pezica stalkless fungus (Pliny) from Hellenistic Greek πέζις puff-ball from the same Indo-European base as ancient Greek βδεῖν and classical Latin pēdere.