Meaning of phage display in English:

phage display


mass nounBiochemistry
  • A technique for the production and screening of novel proteins and polypeptides by inserting a gene fragment into a gene responsible for the surface protein of a bacteriophage. The new protein appears in the surface coating of the phage, in which it can be manipulated and tested for biological activity.

    ‘Here we describe an approach for the mapping of linear peptide epitopes of fragmented genes by phage display.’
    • ‘Newer techniques (for example, phage display technology to generate novel antibodies) have, and will be, developed for evolving new genes in bacteria, or in test tubes, for eventual use in plants.’
    • ‘The generation of peptides (either through phage display or chemical synthesis) is routine and highly reliable, as are the techniques required for their analysis and purification.’
    • ‘By using phage display and cellular immunological methods, potentially protective T and B cell epitopes of the causative agent Mycoplasma mycoides subspecies mycoides SC will be identified.’
    • ‘Under the collaboration, Abgenix’ XenoMouse technology will be combined with Dyax's phage display technology to create libraries of human antibody sequences for multiple types of therapeutic targets.’