Meaning of phagocyte in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfaɡəsʌɪt/

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  • A type of cell within the body capable of engulfing and absorbing bacteria and other small cells and particles.

    ‘Histologic studies have shown polymetric birefringent particles surrounded by mononuclear phagocytes and multinucleated foreign body giant cells.’
    • ‘Fc receptors mediate various effects on immune cells, including proliferation of B cells and phagocytosis by phagocytes.’
    • ‘Following IVIG therapy in patients with ITP, platelet counts generally rise, apparently by Fc receptor blockade of splenic phagocytes and other reticuloendothelial cells.’
    • ‘Clearance of apoptotic cells by phagocytes is crucial in maintaining tissue homeostasis.’
    • ‘Endothelial cells and mononuclear phagocytes are likely cellular mediators of lung IRI.’


Late 19th century from Greek phago- ‘eating’ (from the verb phagein) + -cyte.